Maison Bertaux – London’s Oldest Patisserie

It was the summer of 2008 that I first discovered Maison Bertaux. I was fresh out of university and had started work as a graduate at an investment bank. There was just one problem. The bank I was working for went bankrupt after 3 months of working there – Lehman Brothers. My dreams of being a high-flying-power-suit-wearing-investment-banker-girl were shattered.


One of my dearest friends from the graduate program introduced me to Maison Bertaux. Both unemployed, student debt up to our ears and feeling a little sorry for ourselves – we would spend our afternoons drinking coffee and eating far too many croissants here. The cafe is right in the heart of Soho. Watching the world walk past us, we would make our master plans on what we would do next.


Maison Bertaux was the first French patisserie in London. It is one of London’s prettiest spots to sit, have a coffee and eat one of their delicious cakes.


In the windows are shelves upon shelves of freshly baked, beautifully decorated cakes.




I stopped off in Soho this Sunday for a quick coffee and an eclair before heading home for Mothers day.


It is a wonderful spot to people watch, read a book or daydream on your own.


The eclairs are SO GOOD…


Maison Bertaux showcases lots of art, with the work often changing. Here are a few photos from a couple of years ago, when Noel Fielding exhibited his artwork there.



Enjoy a frothy white coffee whilst sat outside this charming patisserie, eating one of their famous chocolate eclairs. It is the stuff dreams are made from.

Maison Bertaux
28 Greek Street

Maison Bertaux on Urbanspoon

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