Fatboys Diner – An adventure to East India

As you already know, I have been a resident of Limehouse for over a year now. It is a relatively quiet area, so when new restaurants and cafes pop up, I have to check them out straight away. My most recent discovery was Fatboys Diner.



Fat Boys Diner is no newbie to the Docklands. In fact, it has been around for nearly 12 years. Shameless to say, I hadn’t discovered it on one of my riverside walks. Instead, I had been trawling my way through articles on The Guardians food and drink section – a long time habit. Nevertheless – I have found it! Aha! And what a secret gem it is in our docklands crown.



Just a few stops on from Limehouse is East India, and this is where the adventure to Fatboys begins. After checking out the website, it was recommended to call in advance to make sure the diner will be open. I did just that, asking the friendly chap at the other end of the line for directions from the DLR. I was told the following:

The diner is a ten minute walk from the station. Head towards the Excel center and bear right to the river. You will eventually reach a bird sanctuary, keep on walking past and you will reach a road. It may seem like a road to nowhere but it’s not. This road will lead you to Trinity Buoy Wharf. You will find us at the end of this road, over looking the river.

Oh my god I was so excited, just the journey itself had fueled my imagination!



The interior was everything you would expect from an old school American diner, leather bar stalls, jukeboxes, neon signs. These details create a cool atmosphere to the place. The only thing missing were the American accents from the staff, but we can put up with that.


IMG_5960“Dreams come true when you order two”



After our adventure from East India, the boys were keen to order their burgers and shakes. So, here’s what we ordered…





Chocolate milkshake “Burnt All the Way” and Jamaican Shake which is “Cool mango sorbet blended to a treat”


 The Hillbilly – Come hungry and take this one on. A double Fatburger with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and a topping of chilli


Homemade Slaw


Hot, fat & wow – A giant Fatburger topped with homemade chilli, cheese and raw Bermudan onion


Potato skins – topped with cheese and bacon


The Hotbreath – Topped with chilli, cheese and raw onionIMG_6019

And for dessert…


Double Choc Brownie with Ice cream & cream 


Ice Cream Sundae

The adventure and the setting compensate for the burgers not being the best in London. It is a cool secret London hiding place that has a sense of adventure to it.

Out of the food we ate, the potato skins were by far the best. If you like a bit of spice in your life, then make sure you order some chilli sauce. Although the burgers weren’t the best I have had, this wont be the last time I visit. I love the spot, the view and the atmosphere.

What’s hot?  The adventure to East India. The view. The diner itself.

What’s not? Would have liked some American accents. Too much chilli and you’ll be in need of some serious toilet time (sorry). Opening times. My sundae deserved to be served in a traditional glass cup.

What’s the damage? About 80 quid all in, for 6 of us.


Who goes there?
After a bit of ear wiggin, I found out a few people had travelled on the Emirates bubble cars to the venue. I think the diner makes a good day-time date where you can take your date on the bubble cars afterwards. Also, if you live east and are in need of a hangover fix (stodge and a walk to blow away the cobwebs) then this place is great.

Remember, it isn’t on the road to nowhere. Follow the signs to Trinity Buoy Wharf…



Fatboys Diner
Trinity Bouy Wharf
64 Orchard Place

Fatboys Diner on Urbanspoon

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