Mussel Men – Too much hustle and bustle?

The oh so popular, Mussel Men pop up, has returned to Fabrica 584. For those who haven’t come across Mussel Men, they have been pop-up-ing across London for some time now. Their premise is to supply top notch seafood to the masses, at recession proof prices.


So here’s the deal:

1 kilo pot Shetland Mussels, Skinny fries, Bottle of Prosecco + either 4 oysters or 1 dessert

For a price of… (drum roll please)… £35 per couple! That’s right, you heard me, £35 for TWO people. So, last Saturday I decided to take my boyfriend along to Mussel Men for a recession proof date.


There was quite a buzz when we arrived. The place was packed out and the boys had set up a DJ at the front of the bar. When we walked in, the DJ was playing – Jade “Don’t walk away boy” – my heart sank instantaneously, god I LOVE that song. Throughout the whole night the DJ played every soul dance hit from the 90s, it was like listening to only the good songs from heart 106.2’s club classics on a Saturday night.


We were shown to our table and cracked open our bottle of Prosecco.


We decided to go for both oysters and dessert. There was also a chicory, pear and walnut salad on the menu, so we ordered that too.



The Jersey oysters were creamy and delicious. I could have eaten another plate, easily. Our Shetland mussels then arrived, accompanied by the fries and salad.



The mussels were plump and full of flavour. A couple of criticisms, when the food arrived we hadn’t yet got our knives and forks, so we were unable to eat our salad. As the team were so busy, the request for cutlery must have gone a miss, and we didn’t get them till we were half way though our mussels after a gentle reminder. At the same time we requested the cutlery, we asked for the usual condiments for our pomme frites, however, these went a miss too.

When we eventually did manage to eat our salad, it wasn’t dressed and so was quite dry, especially with the addition of walnuts. The salad was screaming out for a light vinaigrette. For dessert we had a warm chocolate brownie with cream. This was just “fine”.


Anyway, let’s not dwell. The mussels were fantastic. The sauce was so good, I could have asked for more AND some bread to soak it up with.

At the end of the night, Captain Bob from the mussel men team challenges all guests to a game of Thumb War, to win a MM t-shirt.



Captain Bob makes it look so easy!

The enthusiasm of Mussel Men is incredible. The team are charming and we love what they are about. It was a shame that a few of the small details went a miss, and annoyingly, it is the little things that really do count.

What’s hot? DJ Mussel Man. The plump Shetland mussels. Captain Bob’s thumb. £35 !

What’s not? No cutlery. Naked chicory leaves. More white wine sauce from the mussels please, oh, and some bread to go with it.

Mussel Men

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