Tayyabs – Second to naan

The first week back to work after new year is always the hardest – somehow the weather is always horrible, everyone is in a bad mood and new years resolutions are just a drag. Luckily enough none of my friends had decided to quit drinking or start diets – so Tayyabs was just perfect for our Thursday night out.


Since living in east London, I have eaten my fair share of currys in the area and Tayyabs is in another league to the rest. I was originally introduced to Tayyabs on the third date with my boyfriend. Not the obvious choice for a date, but he had quickly grasped that I was a girl that liked her food and knew the way to my heart very quickly.


First to the table was the Tikka Paneer, it is one of my two favourites from the menu (lamb chops being the other). They are spicy, salty, cheesy cubes of heaven that just melt in your mouth.


My second favourite was quick to arrive next – the mixed grill with extra lamb chops. I was lucky enough to be shown into the kitchen to see the chefs cooking our mixed grills. The tandoori spice used on the lamb chops is just addictive and once you have tasted you will definitely develop cravings for them.



Following our mixed grils we all shared a selection of curries and the most buttery doughy naans for dipping and wiping our plates with.


Saag Aloo


Karahi Lamb Chop Masala


Chana – Chickpea Curry


Karahi Chicken


Dry meat – Slow cooked lamb

As we were a group of 7 we were able to order a large selection. If you are going to dine as pair this is what I would recommend you to order:

– Tikka Paneer

– Mixed grill to share (with at least 2 chops each)

– Karahi Chicken

– 1 rice

– Chana (chickpea curry)

The bill came to just short of £20 each. Tayyabs doesn’t serve alcohol but it is BYOB. Lucky enough there is a Tescos around the corner and the staff don’t mind you drinking your refreshments in the queue for the table.


What’s hot?

The prices. BYOB – helps those on a budget. My all time favourites – tikka paneer and lamb chops.

What’s not?

The hour queue for a table.

Tayyabs is one of those restaurants that you keep in your little black book. Maybe not the best place for a romantic date but for friends who want to shake off the January blues, have a few cheap beers and nurse a food baby that night, with new addiction to lamb chops – then this place is perfect.

Laters Tayyabs – see you when I need my next lamb chop fix.


83-89 Fieldgate Street
E1 1JU



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One thought on “Tayyabs – Second to naan

  1. Love the blog, however, the writing is a bit difficult to read. If you made the colour a promninent black, it would pick up a lot better. big fan nonetheless !

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